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Braces, Invisalign® and Speed Braces for Our GTA Dental Patients

There’s a stereotype that only teenagers wear braces, but it is becoming more and more common to see adults wearing orthodontia as well. At the office of Dr. Perry M. Lui, we provide orthodontic treatments for GTA dental patients of all ages.

Although patients can receive orthodontic treatment later in life, it is often recommended to have necessary procedures performed earlier in order to keep problems from getting worse.

Braces, Invisalign® and SPEED Braces

Braces and Invisalign® are not considered restorative or cosmetic dentistry, because they may help correct interference with eating, talking and jaw alignment. After orthodontic treatments, many patients come away with a more comfortable bite, a straighter smile and an overall improvement in oral functionality.

Looking to speedily straighten your teeth? We have a solution for you. At Dr. Perry M. Lui Orthodontist we have the materials and training to bring you SPEED Braces. A revolutionary form of orthodontics that uses a programed chip called a Spring Clip. The Spring Clip applies a gentle force to move your teeth to their correct position. Speed braces are smaller than traditional braces, and their technology results in fewer appointments and a quicker treatment.

Call Dr. Perry M. Lui Orthodontist to book a consultation. At our King Square location, we’ll help you choose the right braces for your teeth and lifestyle.

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Patient Visits

Many patients visiting our King Square office have been referred by their general dentist. If it is your first time coming to see Dr. Lui, you will receive an evaluation of your bite, and then we will develop any necessary treatment plans for the repositioning of your teeth. Often our evaluation will include x-rays and dental impressions in order to offer a complete view. Treatment plans can vary in their length and complexity, but we will always keep you informed on your treatment schedule and progress.

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